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Profession Structure Model Illustrative Example of a Competence

In the illustrative example below of a fragment of the model's competency framework sandplay is used as one of many competencies forming the group Working Therapeutically with Children. 7 basic behaviour indicators are given – there are almost certainly more to be added. Each of these is related to the Play Continuum levels. For example we believe that ‘Providing a sand pit with toys’ applies to ‘play’ level 1, ‘play work’ – level 2 and ‘therapeutic play work’ – level 3 but not to other levels. However ‘Using a sand play session as an assessment tool’ starts at the Play Continuum level 4 (Therapeutic Play) and also applies to Play Therapy – level 6 and Child Psychotherapy – level 7.

In addition the behaviour indicators are related to the level of experience (role). For example ‘Mediates a sand play session with a child’ applies to role level 2 (Initially Trained Practitioner) upwards whereas "Monitors a client’s development using a series of sand trays" applies to role level 4 (Fully Skilled Practitioner) and upwards.

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Illustrative Example of a competence, with behaviour indicators
Competence (Is able to use) Behaviour Indicator Play Continuum Level Role
Sandplay Provides a sand pit with appropriate toys 1, 2, 3 0-4
Sets up a sand play session with an individual child 3,4,5,6,7 2-7
Mediates a sand play session with a child
            - non directively
            - non judgementally
            - not interpreted
using a sand tray and a collection of objects
2,3,4,5,6,7 2-7
Uses a sand play session as an assessment tool 4,5.6,7 3-7
Interprets an individual sand play session 4,5,6,7 3-7
Monitors a client’s development using a series of sand trays 4,5,6,7 4-7
Equips a therapeutic centre with sand tray facilities and objects 2,3,4,5,6,7 3-8

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